31 January 2012

What the music gives us 1

(pencil and color pencils)
Song: Falling by Florence and the Machine

Falling's not the problem,when I'm falling I'm at peace
It's only when I hit the ground it causes all the grief

When I hear this song, I just can´t help it: It makes me wanna let go of everything and be in this state of utter bliss while falling…. So, it is a good choice for my first drawing inspired by music.
It´s not quite a year ago, that a friend introduced me to my first song ever of Florence & the Machine: My boy builds coffins. The lyrics raised a lot of questions. I just couldn´t help it and asked abashed what she´s actually singing about. Till this day, I haven´t found an entirely satisfying answer. In an interview, she said that her ex cancelled a date, so that he could build a coffin for the cover of his band´s album. This story seems really farfetched and whatever the truth behind it, I keep enjoying Florence´s daydreams that take flight in my imagination through her clear voice.
Florence´s songs are open for interpretation and her words take me to another reality, or so it seems. I can´t listen to any of her songs, without having those colorful images flashing through my mind. It´s high time, that I let my drawing hand be guided by those beautiful vocals.
Marvel at the resultJ No really, I´m quite happy with this one. I´ve done a thousand of those drawings with falling angels covered in blood. But the song inspired something else in me. The fall itself had to be light and peaceful, bathed in a surrounding halo of vibrating and joyous colors. Instead of wings, a heart-shaped balloon slows down the actual fall. The tangled hair is what I love the most about it; it cost me a lot of nerves to have it playing around the girl like tongues of fire. Maybe that is what it looks like if you let your hair downJ The facial expression is a downer though. I wanted no foreshadowing of the hit on the ground reflected in her eyes. She should appear like looking into herself and coming at terms with her own soul and being. With butterflies as her companions (the ancient greek word for butterfly is psyche), she continues heading gracefully toward tomorrow´s skies. At least for now! You never know what the water, er pardon…., what this talented lady might give us along the wayJ
My next idea for a pictorial song interpretation is already in the making!
What are your favorite songs and lyrics? What story do they tell you?

May your muse always be with you,

Your Art Fairy

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