29 January 2012

My sun and stars and the moon of my life!

Khal Drogo and Daenerys Targaryen
(pencil and photoshop)
I don´t normally do fanart, but I just HAD to draw them!  First the books and then the series „Game of Thrones“ ate my heart away without chewing. The character development is beyond comparison. At first, Daenerys seemed like the typical damsel in distress, forced by her brother to marry the wild Dothraki leader Khal Drogo. But her transformation into a fierce Khaleesi at the side of her husband is something to behold. All the scenes with Dany are quite intriguing and the unlike pair has a budding romance. Dany continues to evolve after the death of Drogo and if the second season sticks to the book, then it looks promising.
My drawing is based on some stills of the show, but the resemblance isn´t so striking. I had difficulties to compose their position ad lib.  And I don´t even speak of the bodies (esp. hands and feet), that are slightly out of proportion. I like the parchment effect though. It insinuates that their future together is fading away like a picture is yellowing with time.
I already have some ideas for my next project. It will be a series of drawings based on music. And there is a certain fireheaded lady that produces a lot of images in my headJ
Stay tuned and may your muse always be with you,
Your Art Fairy

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