18 February 2012

What the music gives us 2

On Fire
(color pencil and watercolors)
Song: Set fire to the rain by Adele
Normally, I feel like I might be able to set fire to the pouring rain. But not all days are like that. This weekend should have been different; I should have been burning brighter than the evening star, but sometimes your flames can be down to a heap of smoldering ashes.
I´m normally blazing with enthusiasm and this drawing should be a reminder of that. It´s the first in all long time, that I´ve done without  a detailled preparatory drawing. In the end, some fiery colors set the tone. I might do a series of drawings based on the four elements, because I have a strong connection to this theme.
The longer I stare into those flames, the more convinced I become, that I´ll soon catch a fire again…
When did you last try to set fire to the rain and dare the impossible?

May your muse always be with you,
Your Art Fairy

15 February 2012

Let´s beautify the world with ribbons!

I know, I know….I haven´t posted in a while. And who is to blame? The Siberian weatherman and his wave of cold of course! It can even knock the most energetic fairy flat. But this doesn´t necessarily mean that my mind isn´t in overdrive for creative tidbits. Last weekend, I went to a creative market with a friend and I was astounded by the sheer never-ending heaps of textiles in all the shades of the rainbow. There were even some with a pattern of flower fairies...I wish I could really sew, sigh!

I was actually looking for new drawing utensils on the market and was sadly disappointed when there were none at all. But no need to despair! After a while, I stumbled upon a stand with some lovely velvet ribbons. I love all kind of ribbons….they make my heart ache with longing. And for a long time, I´ve wanted to bestow some boyish-retro-charm on some of my old blouses. So, this is a tutorial on how to decorate a plain old blouse with ribbons. 

English actress Gemma Arterton for example wore a satin, Peter Pan collared blouse with a velvet ribbon neck tie at the Giorgio Armani Privé show in Paris last summer.

And Gemma has been a much better source of inspiration than Alexa Chung in her Stella McCartney bow blouse on the cover of the teen vogue 2005 (or the ribbon allover look as I call it).
So before you start a bonfire of your old blouses, here a tip on how to rejuvenate them:

Tie a ribbon in a matching color to your blouse up in a nice, floppy bow. To add some extra 19th century charm, you can fix the bow with a brooch.

If you ever see a dreamy-eyed girl in a library or café, twirling the ends of her ribbon…..well, then you´ve found meJ

So, what do you think of this? Yay or nay?

May your muse always be with you,
Your Creative Fairy

04 February 2012

My most trusted advisor…..is my fridge!

Something nice with rice: Eggplant and zucchini rolls with rice and apricot sauce

Sometimes if I don´t know what to do, the first thing that comes to mind is to open my fridge and ask the famous question: „My fridge, my refrigerator in the hall, is there anything to eat at all?“ Maybe it´s just an attempt to procrastinate, but I consult my fridge a lot. It´s like a look into a crystal ball: You don´t know yet what´s to come, but afterwards you´re a little wiser (at least if you want to know what your dinner will be likeJ). There is not always an answer to that question, especially if there are only leftovers in the fridge. But I pay close attention to always have some fresh vegetables on stock for spontaneous cooking frenzies. And recently I had one of those. I had a craving for rice and eggplant and so was born the idea to prepare some sushi inspired rolls. The apricot sauce adds some color and a fruity touch to it. So don´t forget to consult your dear fridge from time to time, I´m sure it will be most grateful!