31 January 2012

What the music gives us 1

(pencil and color pencils)
Song: Falling by Florence and the Machine

Falling's not the problem,when I'm falling I'm at peace
It's only when I hit the ground it causes all the grief

When I hear this song, I just can´t help it: It makes me wanna let go of everything and be in this state of utter bliss while falling…. So, it is a good choice for my first drawing inspired by music.
It´s not quite a year ago, that a friend introduced me to my first song ever of Florence & the Machine: My boy builds coffins. The lyrics raised a lot of questions. I just couldn´t help it and asked abashed what she´s actually singing about. Till this day, I haven´t found an entirely satisfying answer. In an interview, she said that her ex cancelled a date, so that he could build a coffin for the cover of his band´s album. This story seems really farfetched and whatever the truth behind it, I keep enjoying Florence´s daydreams that take flight in my imagination through her clear voice.
Florence´s songs are open for interpretation and her words take me to another reality, or so it seems. I can´t listen to any of her songs, without having those colorful images flashing through my mind. It´s high time, that I let my drawing hand be guided by those beautiful vocals.
Marvel at the resultJ No really, I´m quite happy with this one. I´ve done a thousand of those drawings with falling angels covered in blood. But the song inspired something else in me. The fall itself had to be light and peaceful, bathed in a surrounding halo of vibrating and joyous colors. Instead of wings, a heart-shaped balloon slows down the actual fall. The tangled hair is what I love the most about it; it cost me a lot of nerves to have it playing around the girl like tongues of fire. Maybe that is what it looks like if you let your hair downJ The facial expression is a downer though. I wanted no foreshadowing of the hit on the ground reflected in her eyes. She should appear like looking into herself and coming at terms with her own soul and being. With butterflies as her companions (the ancient greek word for butterfly is psyche), she continues heading gracefully toward tomorrow´s skies. At least for now! You never know what the water, er pardon…., what this talented lady might give us along the wayJ
My next idea for a pictorial song interpretation is already in the making!
What are your favorite songs and lyrics? What story do they tell you?

May your muse always be with you,

Your Art Fairy

29 January 2012

My sun and stars and the moon of my life!

Khal Drogo and Daenerys Targaryen
(pencil and photoshop)
I don´t normally do fanart, but I just HAD to draw them!  First the books and then the series „Game of Thrones“ ate my heart away without chewing. The character development is beyond comparison. At first, Daenerys seemed like the typical damsel in distress, forced by her brother to marry the wild Dothraki leader Khal Drogo. But her transformation into a fierce Khaleesi at the side of her husband is something to behold. All the scenes with Dany are quite intriguing and the unlike pair has a budding romance. Dany continues to evolve after the death of Drogo and if the second season sticks to the book, then it looks promising.
My drawing is based on some stills of the show, but the resemblance isn´t so striking. I had difficulties to compose their position ad lib.  And I don´t even speak of the bodies (esp. hands and feet), that are slightly out of proportion. I like the parchment effect though. It insinuates that their future together is fading away like a picture is yellowing with time.
I already have some ideas for my next project. It will be a series of drawings based on music. And there is a certain fireheaded lady that produces a lot of images in my headJ
Stay tuned and may your muse always be with you,
Your Art Fairy

26 January 2012

What does the winter bring, if not another spring!

Is it possible to revive a frozen heart?
(charcoal, pencil, and color pencils)
This is a drawing that I have worked very intensely on the last week.  It's close to my heart in many ways. At first, I wanted to do something more colorful, but now it turned out much darker and got some gothic feel to it.
The cold breath of winter is icing through the landscape and the girl´s heart pendant is dripping with blood. For now, her heart´s desire will lay dormant. Only the melting snow in spring can wash away what once was and ease the inner turmoils. It´ll be the start of something new!
I´m no Monet, that´s for sure! Otherwise I could have rendered the different shades of the white of the snow more exact and in some impressionistic manner. The folds of the dress are bearable. I´d have loved to add some more fluffy quality to winter´s icing sugar. And on top of that, I absolutely need to learn more about coloring and human body structure.To remedy this, I have the intention to follow one or another drawing course this year……it´s some kind of resolutionJ
So long and may your muse always be with you,
Your Art Fairy

The taste of summer

The merry berry connection: Blueberry yogurt cream
"I found my thrill, on Blueberry Hill..." I'm pretty sure this song isn't about blueberries, but every time I hear it, all that comes to mind is a huge amount of those berries waiting to kiss my taste buds. And no, I didn´t get the season wrong! It´s just, that the longing for summer is my constant companion…I dream of it even if I´m wide awake. I´m already making plans for this summer and just the idea of it lightens my mood in the darkest hours. So here, I present you with my personal taste of summer. And what is your favourite taste of summer? Share your toughts!

25 January 2012

Cheese is not cheesy at all!

A divine combination: Goat cheese- and fig-filled muffins
For some reason, muffins remind me of lazy Sunday mornings, sleeping in, having a late breakfast or even a brunch. I love them even more because they give me an excuse to eat dessert for breakfast! Having tried all sorts of sweet muffins, it´s high time for something more hearty! Here is were the goat cheese comes in handy. As a filling it works really well. It's not overpowering at all, it just adds that bit of tang that completely brightens up the muffin as a whole!
I´m a huge goat cheese lover! I would even buy goat cheese-flavoured toothpaste, just to have the taste in my mouth before going to bed:-)
So, if tangy goat cheese and sweet figs enter a serious relationship, then you´re on the winning side!