18 February 2012

What the music gives us 2

On Fire
(color pencil and watercolors)
Song: Set fire to the rain by Adele
Normally, I feel like I might be able to set fire to the pouring rain. But not all days are like that. This weekend should have been different; I should have been burning brighter than the evening star, but sometimes your flames can be down to a heap of smoldering ashes.
I´m normally blazing with enthusiasm and this drawing should be a reminder of that. It´s the first in all long time, that I´ve done without  a detailled preparatory drawing. In the end, some fiery colors set the tone. I might do a series of drawings based on the four elements, because I have a strong connection to this theme.
The longer I stare into those flames, the more convinced I become, that I´ll soon catch a fire again…
When did you last try to set fire to the rain and dare the impossible?

May your muse always be with you,
Your Art Fairy

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