19 March 2012


The envoy of spring

(pencil and color pencils)
If you paid this blog a visit this last month, you might have spotted some tumbleweed balls rolling past, like in some old western movie. I have been neglecting this baby for far too long. But here comes the spring wake-up call for all you sleepy heads out there!
It´s high time for some spring-cleaning, inside and outside. Spring is absolutely the most natural time of year to renew, rejuvenate, refresh and recommit-all for the sake of making myself happier, more fulfilled and in control of my life! It´s a rebirth!
I´ve already adorned my room with daffodils and my home on the web can´t miss out either. The old design started to make me weary. My header shines in new splendor with its bright and warm colors. I chose a grass-green background so as to invite you to spread your blanket here for a picnic. And trust me on this one: Here your picnic baskets won´t stay empty for long!
As the robin is considered an envoy of spring, my first rebirth drawing is entirely devoted to this little guy. I sketched this outside on a bench with a fantastic panorama view over the Moselle valley. This was clearly one of my first „ouf“-moments for this seasonJ
So far, this month has already been so full of delights….and there is yet more to come! What do you think of the new design?
Stay tuned for some more spring surprises!

May your muse be with you for this new season,
Your Spring Fairy

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