15 February 2012

Let´s beautify the world with ribbons!

I know, I know….I haven´t posted in a while. And who is to blame? The Siberian weatherman and his wave of cold of course! It can even knock the most energetic fairy flat. But this doesn´t necessarily mean that my mind isn´t in overdrive for creative tidbits. Last weekend, I went to a creative market with a friend and I was astounded by the sheer never-ending heaps of textiles in all the shades of the rainbow. There were even some with a pattern of flower fairies...I wish I could really sew, sigh!

I was actually looking for new drawing utensils on the market and was sadly disappointed when there were none at all. But no need to despair! After a while, I stumbled upon a stand with some lovely velvet ribbons. I love all kind of ribbons….they make my heart ache with longing. And for a long time, I´ve wanted to bestow some boyish-retro-charm on some of my old blouses. So, this is a tutorial on how to decorate a plain old blouse with ribbons. 

English actress Gemma Arterton for example wore a satin, Peter Pan collared blouse with a velvet ribbon neck tie at the Giorgio Armani Privé show in Paris last summer.

And Gemma has been a much better source of inspiration than Alexa Chung in her Stella McCartney bow blouse on the cover of the teen vogue 2005 (or the ribbon allover look as I call it).
So before you start a bonfire of your old blouses, here a tip on how to rejuvenate them:

Tie a ribbon in a matching color to your blouse up in a nice, floppy bow. To add some extra 19th century charm, you can fix the bow with a brooch.

If you ever see a dreamy-eyed girl in a library or café, twirling the ends of her ribbon…..well, then you´ve found meJ

So, what do you think of this? Yay or nay?

May your muse always be with you,
Your Creative Fairy